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Oreo | Oreo Codes | USA

Oreo Cookies have been milk and cookie fans’ top choice for over 110 years. Since then, it has made a tremendous effort to become, in the brand's own words, "Milk's Favourite Cookie". Despite Oreo maintaining a 99% brand awareness across the U.S., there are still thousands of American households that purchase milk but don't buy Oreos—yet. "OREOCodes" is a commerce experience that taps into the minimalistic similarity between barcodes and a stack of Oreos to allow people to get offers directly from its all-time complementary partner – milk. Just grab any milk pack, flip the barcode and scan it! To identify every barcode, data was collected from several retail partners, managing to match every barcode out there with hundreds of milk products across thousands of American households.

Mastercard | Where to Settle | Poland

Following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, almost 10 million refugees from the occupied territories have crossed the Polish border. Poland has welcomed more Ukrainian refugees than any other nation. However, many Ukrainians were looking for shelter in major Polish cities (like Warsaw, Cracow, or Wroclaw) which were already overcrowded, causing rental hikes, increased competition for jobs—all amid an unprecedented rise in inflation. It became evident, that to deal with the increasing stream of refugees, the movement had to be redirected to smaller cities. Places where life conditions might be even better than in big cities. Moreover, like everywhere else in the world, small towns in Poland are beginning to suffer from depopulation, as young people move to bigger cities. Mastercard – the brand that has social responsibility in its DNA – decided to act quickly and do it’s best to help Ukrainian in refugee crisis.


The year after the pandemic (2021) was a year of euphoria, reunion, returning to the streets, to the stores and getting back together. So much so that, during 2021, the beer category in Colombia recorded the highest per capita consumption in the last 25 years (52 liters). It was a year of recovery for both the beer category and the stores. However, the opposite was true for Poker: the brand had been dominating in the centre and south of the country, but after the pandemic it lost that leadership with two consecutive months of falling sales in the middle of 2021.According to the most recent economic study of shopkeepers conducted in August 2022 by Fenaltiendas, this segment has not achieved the growth dynamics it had before the pandemic.

Plant Drop | Smart Plants | London

The air inside our homes can be up to 5x more polluted that the air outside, with toxins coming off everyday items like paint, scented candles, cleaning products and even furniture. Plants have air-purifying properties. This was proven in the 80s when NASA conducted research to see if plants could help clean the air for astronauts living in the International Space Station. This data was declassified years ago, but nobody has truly done anything with it. Many plant retailers advertise their plants as ‘air-purifying’ - but never go into the specific details about the pollutants and which ones can help clean the in our homes.

Plant Drop is an online retailer for plants. But they face stiff competition and exist in a saturated market with little differentiation. They needed a way to set themselves apart and steal market share, whilst also enticing a new audience into the world of plants.

BMO | NXT NXT LVL | Canada

BMO (Bank of Montreal) is the 8th largest bank in North America, but their customer base was aging and they needed to connect with a younger demographic. However, young adults hate traditional banks. New online options and the desire for personalization have driven many younger millennial and Gen Z customers to turn to fintech and non-banks.Traditional banks, like BMO, were getting left behind and actively ignored by younger consumers. To reverse this trend and connect with younger customers, BMO needed an initiative to stimulate authentic and active engagement. They needed to do something a bank had never done before.

Piraquê | Accept Real Cookies | Brazil

On the market for more than 70 years, Piraquê is a Brazilian cookie brand, whose market positioning has been built up on originality. This brand identity began with its creative concept “The Recipe Is to Be Original” and extends throughout everything it does.
The challenge was clear: launching the new Piraquê cookies with a stand-out difference from the goods of the competition. But how could this be done in a segment where all the products are very similar, battling head-on for consumer attention?
The answer was right there, in the product. Piraquê Cookies are made with real chocolate chips. So, they turned this into an amusing and creative campaign that was REAL.

Durex | It's About Ducking Time | USA

After 15 years of autocorrecting 'F%#k' to 'Duck,' Apple finally updated the iOS Autocorrect, letting users SEXTING more freely. This announcement made during Apple’s WWDC conference stole the limelight in media worldwide.Durex is the world's #1 sexual health brand and has always supported open conversations about sex, including 'Sexpression' (the act of sending spicy messages to express one's sexuality). It was the perfect opportunity for Durex to own the moment and say: It’s about ducking time, flooding social media with Ducks as promo codes, tailored for different audiences such as DownToDuck for dating sites, QueerAsDuck for the queer community, DuckBuddies for friend enthusiasts, and more.As people discussed about the F%#ks and Ducks on social media, Duck codes would automatically appear on their timelines. With just two clicks, they could choose products based on their sexual preferences and buy Durex for much less. A simple solution that transformed a big cultural moment into a cultural e-commerce platform.

Kraft Heinz Philadelphia Cream Cheese | Philadelphia Schmear Socks | Canada

In Canada, Philadelphia has been a commanding icon for a long time. But in 2022, sales volume had declined 7.3% and market share dropped 1.5%. Research found that younger audiences especially, didn’t find the most recent Philadelphia campaign relatable to their lives, making it easily replaceable.

Philadelphia had struggled to resonate with younger audiences like Millennials and Gen Z. Capturing this audience’s attention is challenging - their attention is fragmented, and every brand is trying to reach them. In order to stand out, they needed to do something deeply culturally relevant that would instantly catch their attention and keep them engaged.

Stella Artois | The Artois Probability | Argentina

Stella Artois's history dates back to 1366, and numerous paintings throughout the centuries have featured beer. As a brand with a rich heritage, Stella Artois wanted to explore the probability of its presence in these paintings and create a campaign that would spark curiosity and conversation among art and beer enthusiasts.

The Artois Probability campaign calculates by crossing art history data with brand history data the likelihood of the beer featured in historical paintings actually being Stella Artois. The probability is based on containers, hue, location, and competitors. Once these data points are crossed, these beers portrayed are Stella Artois.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. | ProPILOT MOP | Japan

Nissan supports the NBA JAPAN GAMES.

It is the world's most prestigious game, with over 60,000 arena spectators and fans from around the world watching the live broadcast in a frenzy. Nissan set out to showcase their technology to fans and to instil an image of an innovative brand.

But no one is interested in the commercials that play between games. They don't remember that logo on the court. They had to think disruptively, to turn Nissan technology into content, and give the fans watching the game a brand experience they would never forget.

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