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Pioneering Spirit Awards - the search for inspiration

The Pioneering Spirit Awards (PSA) have been developed by The Marketing Society as a source of inspiration and discussion for marketing professionals and creative minds around the world. The society is a global network of leading marketers with a mission to inspire bolder marketing leadership and we encourage our members to think differently.
PSA was launched in 2012 and, each year, we select award-winning marketing campaigns from across the world, which are scored online and debated by our panels of judges virtually.
Over the last 10 years, we have invited more than 500 international judges to participate and be added to our database where we ask judges to continue to score campaigns which are circulated every 4 months.
Each year we select around 50 marketing campaigns to be scored, with each campaign summarised in around 100 words - and is supported by a short video of between 2–3 minutes, so judging 10 ideas takes less than 1 hour and should be an inspiring experience.
The campaigns selected for the awards are also used for the Client vs Agency Creative Challenge at the Amplify Marketing Festival and are debated by our members, most recently the Future Leaders cohort.

The PSA programme is sponsored by Denholm Associates.




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