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Social Campaigns

The Bread Exam | Spinneys & The Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation | Lebanon

Spinneys and the LBCF gave women an engaging way to take their health into their own hands. Because traditions prevent women talking about their bodies , they created a bread recipe which demonstrates the steps of a breast self-exam by pressing dough with a culturally sensitive call to action. (Have you baked bread?)

Free Period | StayFree | India

Project Free Period gave sex workers in India the opportunity to learn the skills of a new trade on their free period days.  This meant that these women could use their only 3 days when they were not forced to work, to build opportunities for a better future.

The BVG Hempticket – Come home, calm down | BVG | Germany

Berlin's leading public transport company is advertising edible hemp tickets during the Christmas season. The witty idea is part of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) 's Christmas campaign launched on December 13.
The day ticket sold by the BVG is valid for local public transport in the German capital. It consists of edible paper sprinkled with a few drops of hemp oil.
Passengers can eat the ticket after its validity has expired. It cost $9.94 (€8.80) and is valid for 24 hours. BVG's edible hemp tickets are available in a limited edition of 100,000.
The wellbeing German brand VAAY, which belongs to the Berlin-based cannabis start-up Sanity Group, has provided the hemp oil used for the edible tickets. It doesn't contain CBD or THC. Moreover, it is entirely legal and 100% natural.

Jane/Finch Community Centre | Bill it to Bezos | Toronto

The Jane/Finch Centre (JFC) has taken an innovative approach to their fundraising, asking people to donate money to their community centre by taking advantage of a loophole in Twitch (the gamer streaming service owned by Jeff Bezos and Amazon).

It’s the '2022 Robin Hood' story of a local community centre, combined with a never-before-done tech twist vs. one of the most powerful men and companies in the world. Everyone with an Amazon Prime subscription is entitled to $3.50/month that they can give to their favourite streamer on Twitch, but for the most part, this money gets unused and reverts right back to Amazon (and Jeff Bezos)…

Pedigree | Rescue Doodles | New York

Kids are a huge driving force behind families getting a dog. But with 70 million homeless dogs in America, not enough families are adopting rescue dogs. As a long-time advocate for dog adoption, Pedigree wanted to find a way to put rescue dogs at the top of kid’s wish lists. To get kids pestering their parents to adopt a rescue dog, Pedigree made kids the center of the adoption process – by turning their dog doodles into real adoptable dogs. Rescue Doodles is an innovative, interactive mobile experience that matches children’s dog drawings with similar looking rescue dogs available for adoption.

Beyond Generations: Gaming Against Loneliness | XBOX | UK

According to the charity AgeUK, a million elderly people go a month without speaking to another person, and since the pandemic the issue has only got worse. Yet gaming amongst the younger generation is on the rise, with people using Xbox as a tool to connect, socialise and maintain friendships. Xbox wanted to shine a light on the relationship-building potential of modern online gaming and help bridge the generational divide by enabling the young and old to reconnect.

Show Racism the Red Card | Fabric of England | UK

When England lost to Italy in the final of the European Championships, racism in football reared its ugly head. Three black players who missed penalties – Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka & Jason Sancho – all receiving a torrent of racist abuse online. ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ are the UK’s reading anti-racism educational charity, so they needed to act. The England team wouldn’t be what it is today without immigration, and after conducting research on the entire squad, they found almost every player had a story of migration. They took this data and visualised it for the world to see. Introducing Fabric of England, a football shirt constructed from the national shirts of the 14 countries linked to the England squad. The patchwork quilt design acted as a visual infographic to raise awareness and educate people to the rich diversity that makes up the squad, and the nation as a whole.


Rape is a serious crime deserving a serious sentence. In Lebanon, however, this wasn't the case.
Chapter 7 of Lebanon’s Penal code deals with sexual violence crimes, but only sentences rapists to 0-5 years of jail time, reducing rape’s severity to that of other crimes such as robbery or signing wrong checks. Titled “Crimes That Affect Honour”, Chapter 7 upholds society’s taboo of rape being a matter of a family’s “honour” rather than a serious crime. Petrified of being shamed by their families, and without a law to protect them, 60% of rape survivors don’t dare speak up nor seek justice. As a Lebanese women’s rights NGO, ABAAD sought support to change the law, increase the crime sentence for rape.

Dove | #KeepTheGrey | Canada

When a top national news anchor was abruptly dismissed after 35 years, it was revealed that her termination may have been due to her grey hair. There was an immediate uproar from Canadians denouncing the discriminatory decision. For decades, Dove has been committed to fighting stereotypical standards of beauty for women. Dove felt a responsibility to stand up in the moment against the discrimination women face for choosing to go grey and launched the #KeepTheGrey campaign within 48 hours of the news. Dove’s objective was to raise awareness about the double standard for grey hair in the workplace. While men may benefit from grey hair, signalling experience and wisdom, women may be labelled as letting themselves go or unprofessional. Dove also aimed to create lasting protection from the ageism and sexism grey-haired women face through partnership with an NGO and government.

Reduce the Ride | D’Ieteren | Belgium

D’Ieteren, the leading Belgian car distributor (Audi, VW, Skoda, ...), was launching a B2B ‘private taxi transport’ service, HUSK. A saturated market difficult to penetrate. Especially with a start-up budget. How could HUSK earn the public's attention, rather than buying it?
There are not a lot of special needs children’s schools in Belgium, and not a lot of special need children’s school busses. Due to underfunding from the government, more than 5000 special needs children spend up to 8-hours on a bus, each day. D’Ieteren & HUSK Presented: Reduce the Ride. An initiative to get special needs children to school faster. Awaiting a structural solution from the government, HUSK voluntarily made its entire fleet of private minibuses and vans, and its innovative app and planning technology, available to the worst affected special needs children schools.

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